Asian Security Token Scene Strengthens with Coinstreet Partners, STO Global-X and Securitize Joint Venture

Asian Security Token Scene Strengthens with Coinstreet Partners, STO Global-X and Securitize Joint Venture

By Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team – January 31, 2019

The Coinstreet Partners company, which is the token security plus cryptocurrency investment firm has gone ahead to partner with the STO Global-X, which is a security token exchange platform, together with the digital securities platform that is blockchain based the Securitize.

They have all entered into a strategic partnership that will be able to bring the end of the digital security offering, the DSO service, that is within the Asian market.

These three firms will get together and collaborate on the best technology front that should be used as well as working together with the regulators who are within the market, the service providers plus stakeholders who will help in driving adoption in the tokenized securities.

The Partnership Will Offer Coinstreet Partners Several Benefits
It is clear that the securities market is still in the early development stage; thus, it is an essential time for the industry to go ahead and develop a solid foundation for the ecosystem.

With the vast experience that Coinstreet Partners has been able to acquire plus the successful case they have had in token consultancy together with the global securities and broker-dealer networks, the company is genuinely excited with the partnerships they have gotten into, especially with the Securitize company.

With this in place, it will enable the Coinstreet Partners company to offer a one-stop security token offering, also referred to as STO, a solution enterprise that will allow the company to leverage on a new alternative path within the capital market.

According to the CEO of the STO Global-X, Floyd Dcosta, the process of tokenizing the securities will have a weighty impact in the market, and in turn, it should be able to revolutionize the traditional financial markets.

As a result, the company is very excited with the strategic partnership that has been forged, as the Securitize company will be able to easily tokenize the current securities, while the STO Global-X will be able to facilitate the virtual ownership together with efficient trading of the conventional assets with the use of the digital tokens. With both companies in place, they will be able to easily bring the digital securities to the forefront and have the ability to drive the mainstream adoption for the financial innovation.

The Securitize Company Has A Lot To Offer
The Securitize platform plus the Digital Securities protocol has been helping companies to efficiently issue and manage the compliant digital securities that are on the blockchain technology.

To be specific, the company is able to achieve adequate processing of the solicited investors from the initial process of login to the capital that is received, plus the management and issuance of different digital assets. They are also able to provide companies with investment management and compliance services through the assets lifetime.

As stated by Carlos Domingo, who is the CEO of the Securitize company, they usually look to work with companies that have already established the right financial structure that will deploy the Securitize DS protocol plus the platform. At the same time, the company will also need to have an in-depth understanding of the institutional clients.

The partnership that they have gotten into with STO Global-X and Coinstreet Partners has been able to fit the ball, thus, this partnership will help in bringing comprehensive digital security, or just a security token solution to the current Asian market.


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