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Annual Fraud Indicator revealed that registered charities and charitable trusts in United Kingdom lost £2.3 billion due to fraud in 2017 alone. Blockchain technology is making a huge impact on the philanthropic sector, by transforming the ways in which charities can obtain and use donations, and monitor the social impact of their projects. Bringing unprecedented transparency in relation to donations, and philanthropy tokens open up a wide range of possibilities of channeling donations to where it is needed globally, without boundaries.


Coinstreet Partners is at the forefront of driving this movement and revolution, by contributing its vast knowledge in blockchain, technology resources as well as its practical experience in cryptocurrency. This summer, we are very honored to sponsor the “Supporting Wounded Veterans” in the Round the Island Yacht Race, helping to raise donations for the wounded veterans, and there are more to come.

Coinstreet is very pleased to launch the  HOPE  program to sponsor qualified charities and NGOs in using blockchain to improve social impact and increase charitable giving. To find out more about our sponsorship program, please get in touch today.

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What is a Utility Token?


Utility tokens are simply app coins or user tokens. They enable future access to the products or services offered by a company. Therefore, utility tokens are not created to be an investment.


Just like an electronics dealer might accept orders for a video game that will be released several months later, a startup can create utility tokens and sell digital coupons for the services or products it is developing.

What is a Security Token?


A security token is a digital asset that derives its value from an external asset that can be traded. Therefore, these tokens are subject to federal laws that govern securities. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in severe consequences including penalties and potential derailment of the development of a project.


Security tokens can offer a vast array of applications if the startup abides by all the regulatory requirements. The most promising of these features is the ability to offer tokens as a digital representation of shares of a company’s stock.