DA100 Club

What is DA100 Club ?

DA100 – is an exclusive private investment club focusing to serve the top 100 digital asset investors from each countries. DA100 is hosting regular events target exclusively a small group of professional investors in Asia by hosting events on regular basis with the aim of bringing the latest market insights & best projects in the area of digital assets.

Future / Current Events

March 2020

Date Title Venue
2020-03-03 STO Opportunity Private Roadshow Hong Kong
2020-03-05 STO Opportunity Private Roadshow Singapore
2020-03-10 STO Opportunity Private Roadshow Seoul
2020-03-12 STO Opportunity Private Roadshow Tokyo
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Previous Events

June 2019

Qualified companies presented: 7PassToken, BitOrb & SGH Global

May 2019

Qualified companies presented : Kizuna, BBO, Wealth Mind HK.

March 2019

Qualified companies presented : LiquidValue Development, Wealth Mind HK, Skrumble, STO GlobalX, Helena Oil & Gas, Planet Digital Partners.

September 2018

Qualified companies presented : KODAKone, Fintech4Good, WOMtoken, Cosplay Token, Smartvalor, Charge, NOIZ

May 2018

Qualified companies presented : Job.com, DarcMatter, B21, Opet, Alt.Est, ShareRing

March 2018

Qualified companies/projects presented : Play2Live, Tienpay, IPchain, Mark.Space, BubbleTone,