Coinstreet Partners Launches U.S. Branch To Expand Services To US Market

Coinstreet Partners Launches U.S. Branch To Expand Services To US Market

New York – February 28, 2020 — Coinstreet Partners (“Coinstreet”) today announced the launch of its US subsidiary Coinstreet Partners (USA) Inc. to advance building a global decentralized investment bank to facilitate the digital asset eco-system for the next generation of digitized global capitalism.

Founded in 2017 and in collaboration with BM Intelligence Group (“BMI Group”), Coinstreet is an award-winning decentralized investment banking group and leading consultancy firm in the Finance, Media & Technology (FMT) field.  BMI Group is  a traditional financial service provider who has assisted over 130 IPOs since its inception in 1995 and currently still servicing over 800 listed companies, with broker dealer licenses in both Hong Kong and USA.

Coinstreet is pioneering traditional financial services with its disruptive and highly efficient FMT business model, which brings under one roof and offers as a package 1) traditional financial services, 2) interactive media and investor relations services, and 3) decentralized finance and blockchain/DLT technologies.  Coinstreet aims to transform the investment industry by offering turnkey end-to-end global private placement service to corporate STO issuers, and liberalizing high-quality local investment opportunities to global, accredited investors, family offices, investment funds and financial institutions.  Last year, Coinstreet has made strategic co-investment with BnkToTheFuture in US Broker Dealer — BMI Capital International LLC, for reaching a wider pool of investors and launching US compliant Security Token Offerings.

“New York and Hong Kong are two very important international financial centers. We are very excited about our expansion and bridging two of the world’s largest capital markets. Moving forward, we anticipate more convergence between traditional financial sector with the new digital asset eco-system,” said Sam Lee, Founder and CEO of Coinstreet.

Coinstreet Partners USA Inc. is helmed by two seasoned executives: Max Smetannikov, General Partner, and Scott Christensen, Managing Partner. Mr. Smetannikov brings 20 years of media industry and digital economy analytical experience, whereas Mr. Christensen brings 40 years of investment banking and international private equity experience.

“We believe that opening pan-Asian markets to mid-size U.S. and international companies is one of the biggest opportunities of the coming decade,” said Max Smetannikov, General Partner of Coinstreet Partners USA Inc. “With 688 IPOs attracting $89.9 billion across Asia Pacific last year, we believe it’s time for a U.S. storefront to appear that would make tapping this market easier for American companies. Coinstreet Partners USA Inc. is that storefront.”

According to a survey from the World Economic Forum, around 10% of global GDP will be tokenized and stored on Blockchain by 2027. Coinstreet serves clients with tokenization needs ranging from stablecoins, real estate, financial services, technology, biotech, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, hotel, hospitality, lifestyle, gaming, media and entertainment sectors. Significant growth in the number of high-quality STO projects and global expansion of investor communities is expected, as adaption of this new corporate finance model gains popularity globally.


About Coinstreet Partners (Coinstreet)

Founded in 2017 and in collaboration with BMI Group, Coinstreet is an award-winning decentralized investment banking group and consultancy firm in the Finance, Media & Tech (FMT) field, providing a business eco-system for the new era of digital economy. Coinstreet focuses on five business segments: Token Finance Consultancy, Digital Asset & Wealth Management, PR Media & Investor Relations, Digital Asset Tokenization & Trading Platform, and Decentralized Finance & DLT Solutions. For more information, please visit –

Coinstreet’s group consists of companies in both financial and technology sectors, including —

  • BMI Coinstreet Digital (, a joint venture with BMI Group (a 25 years+ traditional international financial services group) for developing asset tokenization and STO market opportunities.
  • THE STO LAB (, a global business alliance network and eco-system for sourcing and distributing high-quality STO projects in international markets.
  • BLACKWHALE (, an integrated PR, marketing, events and communications agency, providing end-to-end investor community life cycle management programs with best of breed media and fintech technologies.
  • STO Global-X (, a technology company providing for marketplace solutions for end-to-end digital assets / security token life cycle management.
  • DFINI (, a technology company providing for decentralized financial solutions for established institutions to adopt DLT, and for individuals around the world to engage with a restructured and more liberal financial systems.