Revolut, Freetrade will list Coinbase shares for trading

Revolut, Freetrade will list Coinbase shares for trading

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Popular trading apps are also planning to list the Coinbase shares after it goes live.
Binance will also support the exchange’s stock in a tokenized form.
Coinbase‘s direct listing on NASDAQ is considered a milestone in the cryptocurrency market, and many trading platforms are looking to support the exchange’s shares once it goes live. According to a report on Wednesday, trading applications in the UK and Europe, namely Revolut, Freetrade, including Nextmarkets, want to list the Coinbase shares (i.e., COIN).

Coinbase shares are going wide
These trading apps will list Coinbase shares for retail traders after the exchange launches on NASDAQ. COIN is expected to debut on the stock market with a reference price of $250. The Cologne-based neobroker, Nextmarkets, said users would be able to trade Coinbase shares directly on the stock exchange or using leverage, according to the co-founder, Manuel Heyden.

Coinbase has managed to build a product that is easy to use and properly regulated at the same time. Compliance is a crucial argument in today’s crypto world, especially for institutional investors.

Heyden added.
Binance is listing COIN stock
Earlier today, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, announced they would also support the trading of Coinbase shares. COIN will be traded on the exchange in a tokenized form, meaning Binance wants to list a token that will track the market value of the company shares. This new market was recently introduced, with Tesla (TSLA) being the first listed tradable token.

Amid the hype around the Coinbase listing on the stock market, some people think COIN will face volatility in the early stage.

From what we’re seeing, retail investors are expecting volatility but believe in the long-term prospects of Coinbase. As long as people don’t take undue risk, we fully support retail investors becoming shareholders in companies they believe in.

said Max Rothery, VP of community at Finimize.

Revolut, Freetrade will list Coinbase shares for trading: