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Asset Tokenization Consultancy

Original article from the Medium, published by Coinstreet in Jan 2020

Distribution of Security Token Offering (STO)

To provide fully compliant global fundraising & distribution services to corporate issuers through structured financial products in tokenized form with real world private securities & alternative investment assets as underlying assets >> “Security Token Offering” (or “STO”).

To provide STO brokerage & subscription services to professional investors through a user-friendly online platform >> STO Portal.

  • Signum Digital is a joint venture between Coinstreet and Somerley, bringing together Coinstreet’s security digitization and asset tokenization expertise, and Somerley’s extensive experience and best governance practices in the conventional corporate finance and advisory sector.
  • Signum Digital Obtained the Approval-In-Principle from the SFC on the First Security Token Offering and Subscription Platform in Hong Kong serving professional investors.
  • Signum Digital will offer qualified enterprises fully compliant asset tokenization offering and distribution model which may cover a wide array of asset types and classes ranging from private equities, debts, income bearing notes, real estate, investment funds, commodities, and fixed assets, capital equipment, to carbon credits, arts & collectibles and other alternative investment assets.
  • For more information, please visit https://signumdigital.hk/

End-To-End Asset Tokenization Platform

An institutional-grade tokenization platform to power the emerging digital asset paradigm and pave the future of capital markets. The platform offers an integrated system to issue tokenised securities – company equity, real estate, investment funds, fine art and more – in a secure and compliant manner.

  • Programmable tokenization of real-world assets
  • End-to-end STO issuance and management platform
  • Maximum security and regulatory compliance