Coinstreet Alliance is a win-win collaboration business partnership program among top-notch blockchain professionals and service providers. By combining our mutual strengths and leverage on geographical advantages from partners from different regions of the world, we can win in the growing blockchain market together.

BM Intelligence

ONE-STOP services for listed companies BM Intelligence Group, founded in 1995, specializes to provide “ONE-STOP” tailor-made corporate consultancy services to listed companies which include corporate finance, professional valuation, corporate services, corporate communications & event management, professional translation, share registration, internal control and risk management, etc.; and handling pre-listing and post-listing regulatory requirements.


Covering China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, United States, Japan, Australia and Canada markets. Assisted over 100 companies in their listings; and servicing over 800 listed enterprises Group possesses security license type 1 , 4, 6, 9 and also trust license in Hong Kong; and also member of FINRA and SIPC in USA market.

Blockchain Application and Investment Alliance

Blockchain Applications & Investment Alliance (BCAIA) is a non-profit organization established in Hong Kong. The aim of BCAIA is to promote the application of blockchain. With the rise of blockchain technology, BCAIA provides an open platform for  learning and exchanging ideas to encourage innovative application of blockchain technology. Also to enhance the effectiveness of integration in traditional industry and BlockChain technology, for meeting the new era of Global FinTech wave.

Belt & Road Techfin Association

The Belt and Road TechFin Association was established in Hong Kong in 2018 with the mission of promoting, fostering, facilitating and supporting the development of science, technology, finance, and economics in countries along the “BeltandRoad” Initiative.

Ethereum South China Community

In 2017 – Creator of Ethereum and Co-founder of Ethereum Foundation, Vitalik Buterin, came to Shenzhen China to support the launch of Ethereum Shenzhen & south China community, which was founded by Sam Lee, Founder & CEO of Coinstreet.

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Executive Development Centre

Honorary Guest lecturer, and Fintech & Blockchain Committee


The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong (HSUHK) is a non-profit, self-financing, liberal-arts-oriented private university in Hong Kong, offering a wide range of undergraduate and taught postgraduate degree programmes.


HSUHK, formerly known as Hang Seng Management College and Hang Seng School of Commerce, is a degree-granting institution since 2010. It officially became a private university with the approval from Hong Kong SAR Government in October 2018.

Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute

We have entered an exciting but challenging “Digital Era,” where the rules that have governed how we have lived and operated for the past 150 years will be changing in front of us, and create many new opportunities that reshape our future of sustainability.


Asia Pacific Digital Economy Institute ( aims to create a center of excellence, leadership, and partnership to incubate new thinking and innovation in practice; advance thought-leadership; generate new growth opportunities; enhance the competitiveness and productivity of business; and cultivate talents to accelerate digital economy.

Gibraltar Stock Exchange & Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

Chief Crypto-economics Advisor


In October 2017, Gibraltar Stock Exchange announced to launch Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange and Rocktoken ICO.  Sam was invited to be the Chief Crypto-economics Advisor of the project.


Global Business Alliance & Eco-System


THE STO LAB (STO-LAB) is a global business alliance network and eco-system for sourcing and distributing high-quality STO projects on international markets. The consortium consists of corporate members from different industries, key eco-system enablers and service providers along the value chain, and financial institutions and accredited investors. Together with its consortium members, STO LAB aims to derive a multi-country fully compliant ways and best practices in asset tokenization process.