DarcMatter Coin Announces Strategic Investment Partner: CoinStreet Partners

DarcMatter Coin Announces Strategic Investment Partner: CoinStreet Partners

DarcMatter Coin, the blockchain project created by global award winning fintech startup, DarcMatter, is happy to announce their new strategic investment partnership with CoinStreet Partners. Known as the next generation “Decentralized Investment Bank,” CoinStreet Partners enables the business ecosystem in the new era of crypto-economy.

Both companies are well suited to work together as they are both fast-paced, future-focused, and FinTech forward. In addition to having Samson Lee join their team of advisors, DarcMatter is excited to partner with CoinStreet, as both companies truly value the impact and important role crypto will have in the future of global financial markets. DarcMatter is looking forward to working with CoinStreet in order to continue to provide more efficient and transparent transactions in the fintech space. Together, both firms will work towards the success of the DarcMatter Coin blockchain project and deliver on the key tenants of DarcMatter’s vision: to remove opacity and inefficiencies from the global alternative asset management industry.

About CoinStreet Partners:

CoinStreet Partners was founded by Samson Lee in 2016. Samson is a serial entrepreneur with experience as the Founding Chairman of Belt & Road TechFin Association, Co-founder of the Blockchain Centre of Hong Kong, Co-Founder of Ethereum South China Community, Chief Crypto-Economic Advisor of Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange.

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