The landscape that Corona has changed

The landscape that Corona has changed

Blockchain and virtual currency companies are changing their outside promotions to ‘untact (un+contact)’ by increasing online communication due to the spread of COVID-19. The industry that has focused on activating offline communities, such as meetups with blockchain developers and investors, is joining the ‘social distance’ campaign through the online virtual events.

On the other hands, in the traditional financial industry, especially in the investment-related industry, it was believed that offline meetings could still be prioritized and given faith. However, as COVID-19 remains and there is no sign of improvement, leading groups are breaking out of familiarity and launching an online investment roadshow.

Today, I talked with Sam, the CEO of Coinstreet Partners , who is leading GOIR, an online investment platform, and the changing investment environment and various futures that COVID-19 has changed.

1. Many countries or people are still curious about online events. What are your thoughts on this?

“COVID-19 has changed people’s perspectives towards f2f meetings and online meetings. While people now realize they do not really necessarily have to meet f2f to get many things done, they also treat online meetings very seriously and feel more comfortable and trust for conducting major business via online meetings.”

2. How do you predict the future of exhibitions or events in the corona era?

“Even if travel is fully resumed, I do not think things will go back to the same way in the past. While exhibitions might become smaller and less international visitors, many will grow by transforming from traditional exhibitions into hybrid events. Hybrid events mean exhibitions with physical offline venues plus special online platforms bringing in guests and visitors to join the exhibition live. So that people at the physical venue can also interact with many guests and speakers in real time via an online setup at the physical venue.”

3. What is the final purpose of GOIR?

“GOIR is the next generation, institutional scale, online private placement platform for private equity, alternative investment, and digital asset opportunities. It is the biggest online investor roadshow of its kind with the broadest reach, spanning across thirty (30) countries. The main objective of GOIR is to allow its carefully curated investor community to gain priority access to exclusive global private investment opportunities on special favorable terms. Since its inception, GOIR has helped many professional investors acquire unique investment opportunities via online platform and allowed fund managers to continue operating as usual, despite the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic. GOIR is gaining lots of momentum and is rapidly becoming recognized as the “go-to event” for deal sourcing from professional investors, and for fundraising pitching for high-quality private companies. At each GOIR event, no more than four high-quality investments will be showcased, and simultaneously interpreted from English into multiple languages. Participating enterprises are able to introduce their projects, in very efficient and cost effective ways, to the very exclusive GOIR investor network, which consists of an elite group of financial institutions, pension funds, hedge funds, private equity funds, alternative investment funds, VC funds, family offices, brokerage firms, and high-net worth individuals.”