Blockchain technology will indelibly change the global financial system by ushering in increasingly autonomous methods for issuance, management, and trading of securities. Fractional ownership, 24/7 markets, and depth of liquidity in historically illiquid asset classes are often cited as the notable potentials of tokenized securities. But encoded compliance controls that......

Some time ago PayPal sent a letter to the European Union in which it officially confirmed its interest in crypto assets. This letter dates back to a few months ago, while in the meantime some rumours have suggested that by the end of 2020 the American giant could launch a service......

One of South Korea’s biggest commercial banks, NongHyup (NH Bank) said it is working on a cryptoasset custodial services platform for institutional investors. Per ET News, the bank said that it wants to launch crypto “ecosystem” operations, and also spoke of its long-term plans which include offering......

[July 2020 @ Singapore Blockchain Week] – Coinstreet Partners, an award-winning AI-powered global decentralized investment banking group and organizer of Global Online Investor Roadshow (“GOIR”), jointly announced a new strategic partnership with ZCapital Co. Ltd., a Shenzhen-based investment firm with a vast network industry, associations, and......

The first regulated blockchain-based crowdfunding company in the UK, Smartlands, enables fractional ownership in real economy assets with unprecedentedly low buy-in opening institutional-grade opportunities to retail investors. The growing demand for alternative income and the advent of blockchain technology are challenging the traditionally closed institutional......

Blockchain and virtual currency companies are changing their outside promotions to ‘untact (un+contact)’ by increasing online communication due to the spread of COVID-19. The industry that has focused on activating offline communities, such as meetups with blockchain developers and investors, is joining the ‘social distance’......

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