The Tokenizer March 17, 2023 Coinstreet Holdings Limited is a leading global professional consultancy firm and solution provider in the digital asset sector, and Somerley Capital Holdings Limited is a leading financial group in Hong Kong with an established track record in the corporate finance advisory space in Greater China. Signum Digital Limited, is the......

Hong Kong’s Security and Futures Commission greenlights Signum Digital to offer security tokens in the city after inviting applications for virtual asset trading licenses. Signum Digital, a joint venture of Coinstreet and Somerley, has announced that it has received an approval-in-principle from the Hong Kong......

The Sandbox has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The partnership will see the two entities work on metaverse projects. The Sandbox is yet to reveal details explaining the scope of the agreement. The Sandbox partners with Saudi Arabia Sandbox......

The Bank of England and HM Treasury published the consultation paper for a Digital Pound on Tuesday, 7 February 2023. The central bank digital currency (CBDC) is envisioned as digital money to work alongside, not replace cash and that households and businesses can use in......

Air racing is one of the world’s most popular motorsports and has been accredited by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) as a World Championship sporting event since 2006 (“Air Race Sport”). From December 8-11 at the International MotorXpo Hong Kong 2022, World Championship Air Race......

[二零二一年十二月十七日,香港]  高爾街控股有限公司(Coinstreet –「高爾街」)與新百利融資控股有限公司(股票代號 : 8439)(「新百利」)訂立一份合營協議,在香港成立一間新合營企業(「合營企業」),以向香港企業提供證券型代幣發行(Security Token Offering – “STO”)的專業諮詢及管理服務,以滿足資產代幣化和數字證券融資日益增長的市場需求。 合營企業將向證�...

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