According to Morgan Creek Digital’s Anthony Pompliano and the token sale filing submitted by Blockstack to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Harvard University’s endowment invested in Blockstack’s crypto token sale. Harvard Piles Directly into Crypto Token Sale The filing noted that designees of......

The end-to-end platform includes a turnkey solution to put real-world assets into ownership on the blockchain.     By Aziz Abdel-Qader The Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) has integrated STGX’s ‘DLT Exchange-in-a-Box’ solution as it aims transform domestic capital markets with blockchain and tokenized securities. STO......

热烈庆祝香港“区块链应用与投资联盟”成立典礼圆满谢幕   没有羊的南方人 2019-03-15 13:30:45 本次【区块链应用与投资联盟】成立典礼于2019年3月6日在香港会议展览中心举行。区块链应用与投资联盟,为世界各地超过100家知名机构成立的跨地域机构,宗旨为推动区块链的应用及投资。  参与成立典礼的有: Lowell Lo of Chairman BCAIA. ALex Medana CEO of Finfabrik Bodrd Me mber ofHKFTA. Andrew Pal CSO of Gibealtar Stock Exchange Horace Cheung VIce-chairman of DAB Tony Tong Co-Chairman of HKBA, CSO Madison Chan HF Chairman of American......

—Polymath和BMI Coinstreet Digital宣佈與STO Global-X建立策略性合作夥伴關係,在亞洲地區為STO創建端到端科技解決方案

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